oliver pergams teaching & research
students, conservation, people, & evolution

Pergams, ORW, CE Jake-Matthews, & LM Mohanty. 2018. A combined read-aloud think-aloud strategy improves student learning experiences in college-level biology courses. Journal of College Science Teaching 47:10-15.

At City Colleges of Chicago I'm:
Courses taught include:
  • BIOS 101: Biology of Populations and Communities (UIC)
  • Biology 114: General Education Biology (CCC)
  • Biology 119: Environmental Biology (CCC)
  • Biology 121: Organismal Biology I (CCC)
  • Biology 122: Organismal Biology II (CCC)
  • Biology 236: Environmental Biology II (new course, CCC)
  • Biology 299: Independent Research (CCC)
  • Biology 299: Molecular Conservation Genetics (new course, CCC)
  • Biology 299: Saving the World: Conflicts Between Nature, Greed, & Video Games (new course, CCC)
  • BIOS 399: Introduction to Research (UIC)
  • BIOS 434: Population Biology (UIC)
  • BIOS 546: Research Methods for Landscape, Ecological & Anthropogenic Processes (UIC) 
  • Biology Graduate Seminar: Biodiversity and Conservation (new course, University of Pisa, Italy)